Pistachios – A Low Calorie Snack?

Nuts are a guilty pleasure, many of us enjoy, but they are seen as highly calorific and therefore not good for weight loss. A recent discovery conducted on the number of calories in pistachios indicates they contain 5% fewer calories than previously thought and can make a good weight loss snack – a much better alternative to eating other types of nuts.

The benefits don’t stop there – pistachios, although small, are packed full of essential nutrients. Pistachio nutrition per calorie is a lot higher than the vast majority of other nuts per calorie. For example, 20 pistachios contain:

About 120 calories (making the number of pistachio calories per nut only six calories).

10.4 grams of fat (we’ll get to their fat content later – read on!).

5.6 grams of carbohydrates.

  • 3.2 grams of protein.
  • 2.4 grams of fiber.

To get the right amount of nutrition, we recommend eating a healthy pistachio snack of around 20 pistachios, as much as once a day. This is because pistachios are such a good provider of nutrition compared to other snacks. However, you should remember to keep your diet varied, so try not to eat more than one portion per day.

The really clever bit about pistachios is that most of the fat in them doesn’t get absorbed into your system. This is because pistachios are plants, and the fat is held in cells that are not organically decomposable. Therefore, many of the cells in a pistachio snack can’t be broken down by our systems, and the fat held in the cells is simply passed right through our systems. This means that the number of calories stated on the packet is significantly reduced when you consume the product – by around 5-6% – making a pistachio snack of 20 nuts contain a mere 113 calories.

With around 113 calories in 20 pistachios, they contain the same number of calories, but much more nutrition, than a KitKat bar. While pistachios aren’t chocolate, lots of people get the same satisfaction out of a portion of these nuts as they are fun to take out of their shells and have a refreshing, natural taste and interesting flavor.

To sum up, if you like nuts, but don’t want to eat them because you are worried about weight gain, then pistachios make an excellent alternative. A portion size of 20 will give you the right nutrition you require when eaten every day.

Of course that the pistachio snack has to be included in a weight loss program for optimal results. Diet programs associated with constant physical exercising are a guarantee for natural weight loss!