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The Most Effective Way To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

The Most Effective Way To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Unfortunately, many Americans are overweight.  The average adult American now has a few extra pounds that they need to shed. That is due to a variety of factors including poor diet, stress and slowing metabolism as the average American increases in age.  Many people are increasingly worried about how to get rid of belly fat.  Simply put there are a few obvious ways and a few less well-known ways.

The best way to target belly fat is to work on core exercises in the gym.  That means doing sit-ups, blanks and an array of other motions.  For example, you can lay on the ground with your feet in front of you, lift the feet six inches in the year and slowly move the legs up and down to target the lower belly.

Of course, general cardio workouts are the best at reducing overall fat.  That means running, cycling, sports like tennis and basketball, swimming and other cardio machines.  These sports specifically expend a large number of calories per session with the side benefit of making your heart healthier.  Swimming expends a tremendous amount of calories.  A 30-minute swim might use between 600 and 1000 calories which is equivalent to about a third of the daily food intake.  Soon enough, the pounds will be shedding off.

Participate in these activities in groups so that you will feel even more pressure to get through the activity.  The peer pressure will push you forward and help you get through the tough times.  Friends will encourage you to stay the course to reach your goal.  More and more running clubs are popping up that help people at different paces.  They help you train for races ranging from a 5k to a full marathon.  Training for these races expends a huge amount of calories and helps reduce belly fat.

Of course, the most important thing to do is eat right and keep the calorie count down.  For medium sized women, keeping calories around 1500 to 1700 per day is ideal.  For medium sized men, keeping calories around 1800 to 2000 calories per day is about right.

Not only that, but the calorie mix is extremely important.  Fill those calories with green leafy vegetables and protein.  Fats are ok in moderation but carbohydrates are generally the quickest way to keep the fat on.  There are literally millions of books, articles and internet blogs about the best way to eat to stay healthy and lose weight.

The simplest thing to consider is to keep the calories down. Eating natural food is preferable to packaged food and fruits and vegetables are better than fried foods or heavy pasta.  Chocolate and candy are the most likely foods to go straight to your belly.  Famed nutritionist Michael Pollan gives the simple advice that you should eat real food that your great grandmother would instantly recognize as food.  If she understands it, most likely your body will be able to take it in. If the food is highly engineered with new particles and flavors, it is almost certainly bad for you.

There are a few other techniques to keep belly fat off that are less well known.  For example, you should drink between 4 to 6 cups of water each day.  That helps to keep your body well hydrated.  You should also sleep up to 8 hours per night to keep your body rested and relaxed.  Finally, you should reduce stress which produces harmful hormones and slows down your metabolism.


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