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Getting Into Your Best Shape For The Summer

Getting Into Your Best Shape For The Summer

For many of us, the chance to shed the winter doldrums and dust off the beach gear is enough motivation to start thinking about shedding those winter pounds as well. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with building a strong Holiday body, but once the sun begins to beam down upon our vitamin D deprived skin, our hearts perk up and the desire to get outside starts pushing us off the couch.

Of course, now that our minds are on the sun and we begin gravitating toward the beautiful coast and the beach, our shape becomes our foremost thought and we decide we have to do something about it.

Since our focus is now on our body, let’s look at a few things that will help us get in shape for summer and our confidence to fit into that sleek sexy swimsuit.

Make A Plan

You have to know exactly where you want to be and lay out a plan to get there. If you just decide on exercising when you make it to the gym a few times a week, then you will more than likely just let things slide when you don’t feel like working out. The old saying, what gets measured gets done is never truer than in this scenario. Set goals, track them and give yourself an end date to see the success. A plan of attack will be sure to keep you on the proper course and help you achieve your goal.

Make Small Goals

This may sound unproductive, but studies show that when we accomplish small goals we are more likely to stay the course and keep those goals for a more defined period of time. Setting goals like getting the proper daily intake of water is not near as hard as attempting to reduce your waistline by 4 inches, and the long-term effects might produce the same results. The bottom line is, multiple small goals achieved will make you healthier and slimmer in a matter of time and you are more likely to not stop the routine.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

I am not going to go into what you need to do to get that heart rate up, rather, you just need to get it up. Whether it is running, cardio, boxing, kickboxing, cycling, swimming or any number of other activities that do this (I like to chase my 3 children around in the yard), just 30 minutes a day can get you to a slimmer you in a matter of time. If you can manage this each day and set that time aside, your goal will be accomplished much quicker. Remember that plan and hold yourself to it, don’t forget the water intake and feel yourself getting healthier and slimmer.

Do Not, Do Not, Do Not, Compare Yourself To Others

I cannot stress this enough. We as humans tend to do this in all areas of our life, and I understand the power you wield in sabotaging yourself in this. Many times we want to have that celebrity hairstyle or that new look by the newest socialite, and that by itself is not the problem, but it can be problematic if your focus stays on those around you or an idealized vision of yourself that is unachievable. This will only frustrate you and cause you to eventually give up. Set a realistic focus and work toward that goal, your success relies upon your vision and you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Remember, your goal here is to look your best and to get your best summer shape back. The best way to achieve that is to make the goal realistic and take small steps, don’t worry, as that will slow the process and love yourself above all else. A happy mind and heart will make the path so much more enjoyable, leading to success in your path to accomplishing this goal.


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