How to Eat Garlic to Lose Weight

Recently we looked at eating garlic to lose weight. Now it’s time to share with you how to consume garlic and aid your weight loss. Garlic is very tricky to eat because it can leave you with lousy breath afterwards, something we want to avoid. The benefits are worth it, though, so here we’ve found a few ways to teach you how to eat garlic.

First up, if you swallow the garlic, you should avoid the bad breath issue. You can use still water to swallow it more effortless. It’s something similar to taking a pill. The way to do this is to drop the clove in your mouth, then take a big gulp of water. If the clove is too large, you can halve or quarter it and swallow each part with a different glass of water. Your gum, tongue, and whole mouth will be protected from the garlic’s lousy odour. So you can easily swallow garlic and water together and avoid the breath issue.

Another way to eat raw garlic and avoid bad breath is to consume it and immediately afterwards eat some raw parsley or basil to freshen up your breath. Alternatively, you can pickle garlic in vinegar, like you would an onion, and then you’ll be able to eat the raw garlic, thus getting its benefits, without being left with bad breath.

A more conventional approach to eating garlic is simple – brush your teeth and your tongue afterwards, and have some mouthwash – this should clear your breath. Some people recommend eating strong mints, which is fine, but make sure they’re sugar-free! However, this conventional approach is not 100% safe as you might still end up with a lousy garlic odour if you end up burping.

One more tip for eating raw garlic for weight loss is to do it in the evening or complete your daily activities and are sure that you won’t leave your home until the following day. A good idea would be to eat it together with all the family members. This way, everyone will get accustomed to the garlic smell. Anyway, do open all your windows first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Finally, we should provide you with some tips on how to eat raw garlic for health benefits. It’s best not to swallow garlic on an empty stomach; it is almost sure to make you feel quite sick! You should also look to eat raw garlic only once or twice a week as any more can become counter-effective and will just make you feel ill. You can eat garlic anytime during the year, however, do insist on eating more in autumn and winter, moderately in spring, and less during the summer.