Best Drinks for Weight Loss

You should have worked out by now that so-called ‘diet’ fizzy drinks aren’t actually proper weight loss drinks. Here we’re going to feature five drinks for weight loss that have claims that are backed up by scientific results. You might be surprised that the most common drink on the planet contains zero calories! So move on, read this article and find out which are the best weight loss drinks!

0. Fruit Juice

Contrary to popular belief, fruit juice isn’t that good to drink as a weight-loss beverage. This is because it contains very high quantities of sugar relative to the volume you’re drinking; if you want fruit juice, you should eat the whole fruit, not just its juice. Did you know it takes 20 oranges to make a glass of orange juice?

1. Vegetable Juice

However, vegetable juice is an excellent substitute for fruit juice as it contains, on average, about half the calories than fruit juice does for the same volume of liquid and will give you the same hydration and satisfaction. If you’re trying to get more protein in your diet, you can easily drop a bit of soy or whey protein in the drink too.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are a well-known drink for weight loss but what is less known is that you should try your best to stick to homemade smoothies. This is because you can control exactly what is in the smoothie – all you should put in is fresh fruit, water, and a protein source and blend it all together.

3. Black Coffee

Fortunately, black coffee also features in our weight loss drinks list, so you don’t need to give up your caffeine! Black coffee is virtually free of calories and has a very high quantity of antioxidants in it. A moderate intake (around 2 cups of black coffee per day) can even improve your mood and concentration; it has benefits all around!

4. Green Tea

Green tea is another weight loss beverage and is in some ways similar to the black coffee mentioned previously. However, how it differsr, is that iitt contains much less caffeine than coffe and has even more antioxidants, further helping your mood and concentration. It also has the added benefit of aiding your metabolism. Unlike coffee, the constituents of green tea have a much shorter life span (meaning they digest in your body much quicker), and so you will need to consume green tea in greater quantities than black coffee; 3-4 cups a day is more than enough.

5. Water

And finally, the absolute best weight loss drink on our list is water. Because water is just, well, water, it contains no calories – unlike soft drinks. It has also been shown that it can increase the metabolism in some people, which helps speed up digestion and aids weight loss. But how much water should you drink? First, find your weight in pounds, and then halve that number. You should drink that number of ounces in water every single day if you are sedentary. If you are active, you’ll need many more.