7 Sneaky Tips for Cutting Calories

It can be incredibly difficult in our busy lives to cut calories or to try and lose a bit of weight without having to make a big statement about it – you know you always feel deflated if everyone’s watching you and nothing seems to work.

So here is our list of the top 7 sneaky tips for cutting calories. All of them have been proven to work, and none of them include hitting the gym for strenuous workout sessions either!

Give Supermarket Aerobics a Go

Do you hate going supermarket shopping? If so, you might want to look into burning calories during your trip. Not only will it cure the boredom, but it’s one of the great tips for weight loss too. To cut calories whilst shopping, make sure you walk up and down every aisle and then carry your shopping bags to your car. If you do need a trolley, take it back to the supermarket instead of leaving it in the car park. All in all, this will help you burn off 100 calories thereabouts.

Change the TV Channels Manually

Hiding the remote isn’t about annoying your partner; it’s all about helping you to burn calories. You can cut around 100 calories a day by getting up to switch the TV channels and turn a lazy evening into a slow workout routine. Just think of how many times you’ll need to switch on a Saturday night!

Leave the Pizza Crust on the Plate

If you’re at a fancy Italian restaurant eating pizza with your loved one, or even if you’re at home and have ordered a take-away pizza, leave the pizza crust behind and focus on talking to your partner instead. Pizza crusts are known to be full of fat, and by leaving them behind, you’ll be avoiding extra calories. If you want to cut calories further when eating out, ask for your dressing on the side and avoid the garlic bread.

Give up Your Seat

Although you may find yourself avoiding extra calories by running for a seat on the train or bus and missing the snack shops on the way, you might want to think about letting someone else take your seat instead. Scientists believe that the more we sit down, the more our fat-burning enzymes switch off, so stand tall and think thin – it does actually work!

Add Some Spice

Not only do herbs and spices add flavor to your food, but they also encourage you to take smaller mouthfuls – have you ever seen anyone heaping in spoonfuls of Vindaloo? No, we thought not! This is a great way to cut calories as the slower you eat, the quicker you will feel full up. And, if you do choose to eat the holy grail of spice – the chilli – you will also be increasing your metabolic rate! Now, how’s that rate in the tips for weight loss? Quite high, we’d say!

Energetic Sex

Energetic sex is one of the best ways to cut calories and is often included on tips for weight loss lists. Whilst you won’t burn off enough to eat a king-size mars bar, you will burn off calories whilst having fun. Don’t just lay back and do nothing, though – the more effort you put in, the more calories you will burn. Who said early nights were boring?

Add Ice to Your Water

Yes, whilst we know this doesn’t exactly sound appealing during the winter, it is actually a great way to help you cut calories. Ice cold water encourages your body to burn calories as your body doesn’t like the cold feeling and so feels like it needs to regulate it to your body temperature. Plus, if you are fully hydrated, you won’t have as much temptation to snack either – again helping you cut calories further. Read more info about thermal dieting and expand this tip for weight loss.