10 Superfoods for Health and Weight Loss

It is a well-known fact that you are what you eat, and aside from the “bad” foods, a range of ultimate superfoods have been discovered that are said to aid with nutrition and weight loss on a much higher level than normal. Aptly called superfoods (super health foods) are known for their great taste, low calories, and antioxidant properties. Let’s take a look at seven of the best and see how you can include them into your diet.

1. Cocoa. Yes, we encourage you to eat chocolate. Cocoa, the main ingredient, provides many flavonoids that help to prevent cell damage. It’s proved that cocoa powder lowers blood pressure by aiding blood flow. One other benefit of cocoa and chocolate is mood-enhancing, of course. Everyone that eats chocolate becomes relaxed and happy because phenylethylamine (found in cocoa) stimulates the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. We recommend you consume only unprocessed cocoa powder and dark chocolate. This way, you will eat the lowest amount of calories and gain the biggest benefits from this ultimate superfood.

2. Black Garlic

Black garlic is almost twice as beneficial as white garlic, and so it rightly gains its place on our list of the ultimate superfoods. Not only does black garlic not have the same “stinky breath” effect, but it is also renowned for its cancer-fighting properties and its ability to lower cholesterol. With a sweet caramel-like flavor, black garlic can be added to cookies and cakes as well as more savoury dishes such as fondue and pizza. Yes, black garlic really is that good! You can also eat garlic for weight loss. Test it today!

3. Barley is a nutty yet sweet super grain found in various foods and even drinks – barley water, for example. Research has shown that it lowers cholesterol levels which in turn lowers your risk of heart disease. It also contains niacin which is known for its cancer-fighting properties and its ability to increase the health of hair and nails. If you want to include barley as one of your superfoods for weight loss, try eating it instead of oatmeal, rice, or pasta. You could also switch caffeinated drinks for barley water, which tastes good and is available to purchase in most grocery stores.

4. Mushrooms

Some of the best superfoods are mushrooms. They contribute to our nourishment with many minerals, including iodine, selenium, and potassium. Iodine helps the thyroid gland to function optimally; selenium diminishes the risk of stroke, while potassium helps our body fight the free radicals away. Mushrooms are known to provide excellent cancer-preventing benefits as they help healthy cells to divide properly. The best superfood mushrooms are considered the shiitake and the reishi mushrooms.

5. Sprouts

It is believed that young broccoli (three-day-old sprouts) may contain more cancer-fighting properties than mature stalks and taste a bit better. These ultimate superfoods make great additions to stir-fries and stews, but surprisingly they can also be added to sandwiches, pizza, jacket potatoes, and tacos – with so many uses, you have no excuse to include these superfoods for weight loss into your diet.

6. Chia

These edible seeds are nutty in taste and make a great addition to soups, salads, and cereal. They are not that easy to get hold of, but most specialty grocery stores should stock them so you can purchase all of your superfoods for weight loss in one go. One tablespoon of chia is said to have as much fiber in it as a whole bowl of oatmeal, and when you consider that they also include omega 3, calcium, and iron, you will realize why these ultimate superfoods are on our list.

7. Spinach

Spinach is considered by many the supreme superfood. Popeye’s favorite meal should be ours, too, because spinach is a big source of numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. More, it has a low caloric contribution. This makes spinach the best superfood for health and weight loss. It provides the highest amount of nutrients per calorie as any other food. Spinach can be eaten both raw, in salads, as well as blanched, steamed, or saute.

8. Jicama looks a little bit like an albino pomegranate, but it is actually a Mexican root vegetable. With a sweet and crunchy taste and texture, jicama makes a great addition to salads and stir-fries. It is even possible to mix it with lime juice for a truly nutritional drink. Again, this is something you will need to purchase from a health food store, but when you consider that it is one of the top superfoods for weight loss, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Jicama contains a form of stomach flattening fiber that promotes healthy bacteria in your gut. It also contains a high level of vitamin C and is renowned for being able to treat wrinkles.

9. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast isn’t the same as normal yeast, and so you will be best off looking for it in specialty food stores. This is on our list of the best superfoods because it is incredibly tasty and can substitute things like parmesan, pasta, and even scrambled eggs. Nutritional yeast contains a whopping 9 grams of satiating protein and provides more than your recommended daily allowance of vitamin B, which is great for reducing stress levels, boosting energy, and lowering your risk of chronic diseases.

10. Kelp

Although kelp wouldn’t win any awards for the best looking super health food, it is one of the best superfoods for its anti-cancer properties. Known for its help in breast cancer patients, kelp is also thought to be one of the top superfoods for weight loss due to its fat-blocking properties. If you’re wondering how to fit this into your diet, fear not, as you can either purchase it in noodle form or in powdered form, which can be blended into soups and sauces.